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2013 MAPT Conference

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The 2013 MAPT Conference will be held at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel in Helena, Montana. The dates for the Conference is June 19, 20, 21, 2013. The registration forma and tentative agenda can be found at If the link doesn't work, just copy and paste the link into your browser.

For additional information please contact Bruce Kubler at [email protected] Bruce can be reached at 406-369-1391.

2012 Proposed State School Bus Standards

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New proposed State School Bus Standards have been posted to the OPI website for comment at Pay particular attention to the new section regarding hours of service. This section is located in the Operations section. Page 88 of the Head Start section states:

(6) Driving hours shall be regulated. School districts and Head Start agencies shall have regulations based on a the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 49 CFR 395.3 (15 hours on duty of which no more than 10 hours are driving time; 8 hours continuous off-duty prior to a long trip; no more than 60 hours driving in a week).

Please direct your comments to Donell Rosenthal at 406-444-3024 or you can leave her an email at [email protected].


Mid-winter Meeting Recap

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May 2012 - Missoula

Board members present were President Larry Revier, Secretary/Treasurer Buffy Woodring, Pat Matthew, and Larry Woodring. Other Association members present were Barbie & Darnell Stucker, Big Sky Bus Lines; CJ Kellough, Harlow's Bus; Bob Mitchell, Beach Transportation, Dan Matthew, Matthew Transportation and Bruce & Diane Bourne, Diane's Buses; as well as Maxine Mougeot, Secretary/Treasurer for MAPT.

Corrections to the minutes were as follows:

Kathy Getten not Barb; there was a question on what ovoo is, it is like Skype, a type of conference call, and our website address is

Treasurer's Report:

Was silently read and approved. Membership report indicates that the numbers are down. Buffy emailed everything last fall and due to the low response in regards to the dues, Buffy will mail the membership application from now on. Buffy will send a 3rd request this year.


We received contract questions from John Feving and Lisa French. Email from Donell Rosenthal, OPI, regarding the new requirements from DMV for all Commercial Driver License holders to present proof of the current medical card at the closest DMV office when renewing their license. We received a thank you from Harlow's Family.

Old Business:

The State Standards have not been updated at this time. OPI needs to add the Hours of Service requirement from the Federal Standards. The information was in draft form and needs to be reformatted, presented to the Board of Education and published in booklet form.

Maxine will add a drop down for a forms page, i.e. pre-trip forms and others as needed.

New Business:

OPI did not send a representative to give us any new information.

Buffy will publish the new Medical Card Requirements in the spring newsletter.

We had a lot of discussion on medically fragile students and students with special needs. Every school district and contractor should have a policy in place for checking for remaining students at the end of each route morning and afternoon.

Larry will invite Laurie Star, MT Chem Net to the MAPT conference.

The MAPT Conference will be a week later this year due to a scheduling conflict at the hotel. MAPT will be June 27, 28, 29, 2012 in Great Fals. Buffy will send conference information with the spring newsletter.

We moved to pay for lunch and adjourned at 1:33 p.m.

New CDL Medical Requirements

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February 2, 2012 Commercial Driver License

Physical Qualifications - "All applicants for a Class A, B, or C, Interstate or Intrastate, Commercial Driver License will be required to have a valid DOT Medical Card". All commercial employers and employees must meet federal requirements pertaining to employment, valid licenses, current medical card.

Beginning June 1, 2012, all CDL drivers when renewing, upgrading, or applying for their CDL, a current DOT Medical Card is required. Once a driver provides the medical information to the DMV, that driver will be required to stop by the closest Motor Vehicle Division office to present proof of the current medical card each time it is renewed. Failure to comply will compromise a drivers right to utilize their CDL in a commercial way. The CDL can be down graded to a regular drivers license. About 2 months before the effective date of the new federal requirement, letters will be sent to all Commercial Drivers with compliance information. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact the nearest Montana driver licensing authority.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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[Federal Register Volume 76, Number 243 (Monday, December 19, 2011)] [Notices] [Pages 78717-78718] From the Federal Register Online via the Government Printing Office [] [FR Doc No: 2011-32444]


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration [Docket Nos. FMCSA-2006-26367 and FMCSA-2011-0131]

Public Meeting of a Joint Subcommittee of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and the Medical Review Board; Obstructive Sleep Apnea

AGENCY: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), DOT.

[[Page 78718]]

ACTION: Notice of Joint Subcommittee of the Meeting of Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) and Medical Review Board (MRB).

SUMMARY: FMCSA announces that MCSAC and MRB will hold a joint subcommittee meeting on Wednesday- Thursday, January 4-5, 2012. Both days of the meeting will be open to the public.

Time and Dates: The joint MCSAC-MRB subcommittee meeting will be held on Wednesday-Thursday, January 4-5, 2012, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time (E.T.). The meeting will be held at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town, 1767 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 in the Washington and Jefferson Rooms on the 2nd floor. The Hilton Alexandria Old Town is located across the street from the King Street Metro station.

Matters To Be Considered: The MCSAC-MRB subcommittee will consider ideas and concepts the Agency should consider for potential regulatory changes to the current physical qualifications standards to address the medical certification process for truck and bus drivers that have been diagnosed with OSA or are believed to suffer from the disease but have not been diagnosed at the time of the medical examination.

The subcommittee will make its recommendations to the MCSAC and MRB for their deliberation at a joint meeting of the two bodies in February 2012. Upon approval by the MCSAC and MRB, the recommendations will be submitted to FMCSA for consideration. Copies of Task Statement 11-05 and an agenda for the 2-day meeting will be made available on the MCSAC and MRB Web sites at and, respectively.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The MCSAC and the MRB met jointly on December 7, 2011, to discuss ideas and concepts the Agency should consider for regulatory guidance and, potentially, for future rulemaking on OSA. The MCSAC and MRB completed their joint recommendation on regulatory guidance on OSA and issued a letter report at the end of the meeting. As a result of these discussions, a joint subcommittee was formed to develop ideas and concepts the Agency should consider for a potential notice-and-comment rulemaking to address the issue of OSA.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Shannon L. Watson, Senior Advisor to the Associate Administrator for Policy, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590, (202) 385-2395, mailto:[email protected].

Bus slides off the road near Browning

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Icy roads and gusting winds result in a bus sliding off the highway near Browning.

Click on the following link or copy and paste into your browser:


DOT Announces Final Rule on Cell Phone Ban

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DOT Announces Final Rule on Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban Use by Drivers of Buses and Large Trucks

Written by Sylvia Arroyo

A final rule was announced today by the U.S. Department of Transportation that specifically prohibits interstate commercial drivers from using hand-held cell phones while operating their commercial truck or bus. The final rule does not apply to school bus drivers.

The ban — a final joint rule from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) — is the latest action by the DOT to end driver distraction and affects about four million commercial drivers.


The final rule is a follow up to a September 2010 FMCSA regulation banning text messaging while operating a commercial truck or bus. In February of this year, PHMSA added a companion regulation banning texting by intrastate hazardous materials drivers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists the states that presently have cell phone and texting bans for school bus drivers.


Studies on driver distraction have produced mixed results, but according to FMCSA research using a hand-held cell phone while driving requires a commercial driver to take several risky steps beyond what is required for using a hands-free mobile phone, including searching and reaching for the phone.


Research showed that commercial drivers reaching for an object, such as a cell phone, are three times more likely to be involved in a crash or other safety-critical event. They are six times more likely to be involved in a crash or other safety-critical event when dialing a hand-held cell phone.


Drivers who violate the restriction will face federal civil penalties of up to $2,750 for each offense and will be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle for multiple offenses. Additionally, states will suspend a driver’s commercial driver’s license after two or more serious traffic violations. Commercial truck and bus companies will face a maximum penalty of $11,000 if they allow their drivers to use hand-held cell phones while driving.

** Note from Maxine - Remember that cities and towns around the state of Montana are creating Cell Phone bans for all drivers. Each driver must be aware of existing laws and rules.

MSBCA June meeting minutes

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Montana School Bus Contractors Association

201 South Maple, Townsend, MT 59644 Phone:406-266-3561 Fax: 406-266-4143 email:[email protected]

ANNUAL MEETING RECAP                                                                 

We spent a few moments in Prayer for Harlow Hagness.

Minutes and Treasurer's Report were silently read and approved. Membership report was given and Buffy will look into the possibility of having the option of a break in the cost of health insurance if a contractor’s is a member of the Association.

Correspondence: International Safety Competition on 7-16&17; Kathy Getten info, Chem Net D&A Testing Program for DOT Supervisors - MT locations & dates; PA Association Bus Report.

Old Business: State Standards Update, at this time there is no new Bus Standards.

Web Page Update; Maxine is our web page administrator. The corrected URL for the website is [email protected]. Buffy will ask Maxine to look into the cost of having the web page available through a google search. (Comment from Maxine: site address correction-plus google "mt school bus contractors" it works fine-will contact members by email with website registration and login instructions.)

Training Video was discussed we will look into the possibility of contractor’s being able to contact their insurance companies to have access to training safety videos.

New Business: Legislative update there were not many issues pertaining to school transportation that made it out of committee; the ones that became law pertained to new federal CDL regulations.

OPI Update: Donell Rosenthal is the new Transportation Director at OPI.

Radio PSA: Greg would prefer to not do the state wide Radio PSA. Doug stated that our Radio PSA gets a lot of air time in the Gallatin Valley. Buffy will contact Greg to ask what is needed to continue the PSA’s.

MAPT $50 donation we will continue to fund the donation.

Training Opportunities: Kalispell August 1, 2011 at the Hampton Inn this will be 10 hour training beginning at 7:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. and Townsend August 13, 2011 at the Community Room at the School/County Library registration begins at 7:30a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Different training options and conference ideas were discussed, including requesting training grants for our insurance companies, possibility of Bruce and Doug training other trainers in other areas of the state.

Other Issues important to you: Mike asked if there was any flexibility in the midwinter meeting dates; It was explained that during the Legislative session there is no flexibility, but in off years there is flexibility and we do meet in Missoula in off years. Different options for meeting (including phone conferencing) were discussed.

Ron Hinther thanked the Association for their memorial after the loss of their driver last fall. It was decided to send a memorial to the Hageness family.

John Mosher asked if anyone had heard of requirement to turning the right turn signal on while eight ways are flashing and pulling to the right of the road way? No one had heard of this requirement and Doug offered to look in to the new requirements. (Comment from Maxine: Four ways come on to announce an upcoming stop, then the driver should engage the right turn signal prior to pulling to the right. Eight ways would be engaged when the bus is stopped and door is opened.)

Nominations to the Board: Barb Mosher and Kathy Getten’s term on the board were up. Nominations were opened; Sandy Evenson, Harlow’s and Mike Krout, Majestic Bus Service was nominated and nominations were closed. Our new board members will serve a 3 year term.

Our annual meeting was adjourned and a short Board Meeting was held directly following the annual meeting.

The current slate of officers: Larry Revier, President; Jeremy Hageness, Vice-President and MAPT Representative, Buffy Woodring, Secretary/Treasurer and Larry Woodring MAPT Representative were retained for the next year.

We will hold our Mid-Winter Meeting Saturday February 4, in Missoula.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces denial of petition to require lap/shoulder belts in large school buses.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on Thursday, August 25 a denial of petition for rulemaking. The petition, to mandate the installation of three-point seatbelts for all seating positions on all school buses, was denied due to three main components: NHTSA has not found a safety problem supporting a Federal requirement for lap/shoulder belts on large school buses; the cost and consequences of ordering and equipping seat belts on large buses would exceed the benefit; and the decision of mandating seat-belt installation needs to be handled under the jurisdiction of State and local governing bodies. The petitioners include the Center of Auto Safety along with 21 others.

In regard to the safety aspect of seat belts on a school bus, various studies have shown that it is the structure of bus seats, not the use of seat belts that provide children more security in times of a school bus collision (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Report to Congress-School Bus Safety: Crashworthiness Research, April 2002). In this report NHSTA concluded that “compartmentalization” was the safety measure that effectively lowered injuries.

“Compartmentalization:, as defined by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVAA) No. 222, is a protective envelope formed of strong, closely spaced seats that have energy absorbing seat backs so that passengers are better cushioned and contained in the event of a school bus crash.

The taller the bus seats, the more protected pupils are on school buses. NHTSA took notice of such findings and undertook measures to raise minimum seat back height on school bus passenger seats in 2010 (Regulation Identifier Number 2127-AK49). This rule also required small school buses to have lap/shoulder belts at each passenger seating position. Because of the deceleration experienced by small school buses, there is necessity in creating an exception for such motor vehicles.

NHTSA has also been sensitive to the fact that mandatory seat belt installation could burden struggling public school system budgets. A study conducted by the State of Alabama in 2010 concluded that in their state, the estimated net benefit of implementing seat belts on Alabama school buses was found to be –104 million too –125 million dollars(“Cost Effectiveness of Lap/Shoulder Seat Belts on Large Alabama School Buses” Sept. 30, 2010).

On October 21, 2008, the agency issued a final rule, 73FR, upgrading the passenger protection requirements for school buses. During this proceeding it was found that the estimated incremental cost of installing lap/shoulder belts in large school Buses is $5,485-$7,346. This does not account for other factors post-installation like higher fuel costs due to added bus weight. This financial concern has the potential for school bus cutbacks, forcing children to seek alternative, less safe modes of transportation to get to and from school. On example could be riding with an inexperienced driver, particularly a teenage driver, who is far more prone to motor vehicle accidents. According to the Depart of Transportation, the school bus occupant fatality rate is six times lower than the rates of passenger cars (DOT/NHTSA “2008 Traffic Safety Facts).

The agency also affirmed in the October 2008 Final Rule that State and local jurisdictions should continue to have the choice of whether to require seat belts on the local large school buses. NHTSA stated that States and local school districts are better able to analyze school transportation in particular to then and identify approaches to best manage and reduce those safety risks. (Final Rule, 73FR at 62745). This assessment was reinforced by the State of Alabama’s study that has already concluded the cost benefit analysis of not having seat belts in school buses in there state greatly outweighs requiring seat belts in their state.


The Association would like to send our deepest sympathy to Harlow Hageness Family. Sadly we lost a great friend and mentor this last summer Harlow Hageness, age 69, Rolette, N.D., passed away on Monday, June 27, 2011, in St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck, North Dakota.

Harlow Melvin Eldon Hageness was born on May 16, 1942, in Rugby, N.D., to Melvin and Alice (Paulson) Hageness.He grew up and attended school in Rugby. Harlow furthered his education at the North Dakota State School of Science in Wahpeton where he played football and received an Associate's Degree after two years. He was united in marriage to Donna College on September 30, 1962, in Esmond, N.D. Together they raised three sons, Jason, Jeremy, and Justin. Harlow owned and operated Harlow's Repair, Rolette Theater, Mobil Station, and Harlow's Bus Sales and Service Inc. Harlow was also a police officer in Rolette for several years. Harlow worked as a mechanic/salesman at Lashman's Bus Service in Rolette.

 In 1972 he bought the business and changed the name to Harlow's School Bus Service. Harlow was also a pilot and took great enjoyment in flying for both business and pleasure. He truly enjoyed flying kids after the prom. Old cars, especially '49-'51 Mercurys, were a passion of Harlow's. You could see Harlow at most all of his sons' and granddaughters' sporting events; he was their number one fan. Harlow was a 32nd Degree Master Mason and Shriner. He belonged to the Masonic Lodge in Rolette and Rolla.Harlow served on several boards and loved helping his community. Harlow loved to spend time with all six of his granddaughters and his family. He passed away peacefully on June 27, 2011, in Bismarck, at the age of 69 years old, surrounded by his family.

Harlow will be lovingly missed by his wife, his sons, granddaughters, siblings, family, and friends. A great void will befelt by many who had the chance to know him throughout his life.

Harlow is survived by his wife of 48 years, Donna Hageness of Rolette; sons, Jason (Kara) of Bismarck, Jeremy (Kindra) of Libby, Mont., and Justin (Desiree) of Dickinson; six granddaughters, Paige, Kennedy, Brooke, Alexis, Khalyn, and Freya; brothers, Elvern (Shirley) of Pleasant Lake and Hartley (Jordy) of Rugby; and a sister, Sharon (Dennis) Voeller of Rugby.

Harlow was preceded in death by his parents, Melvin and Alice Hageness.

Funeral services were held Friday, July 1, 2011, at the Rolette Public School Gymnasium with burial in the Rolette City Cemetery, Rolette, N.D. Pastor John Hesford officiated. Music was provided by Neal Prichard and Leo Jostad.

Casket bearers were Gary Hageness, Ron Block, Wayne Scherr, Terry Goehring, Mark Myhre, Rodney Johnson, and Pat Scott. Honorary bearers were Harlow's grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, the family of Harlow Hageness requests memorials be sent to the Rolette State Bank, Rolette, N.D., to the Harlow Hageness Memorial Fund.


Remember to Promote School Bus Safety During School Bus Safety Week October 17-21. It is not too early to start planning activities for National School Bus Safety Week. There are a wide variety of things you can do to promote school bus safety.

  • Work with the local media— Encourage your local newspaper, radio station or TV stations media to do a POSITIVE story about school bus safety.
  • News Release—prepare and distribute a news release or releases to you local newspaper.
  • Student and Staff Education—Talk to your local school administration and plan and implement a school wide school bus evacuation for the students and staff.

Respectfully Submitted by Buffy Woodring

MSBCA February meeting minutes

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201 South Maple, Townsend, MT 59644 Phone:406-266-3561 Fax: 406-266-4143 email:[email protected]

Midwinter Meeting

Helena, Montana

February 5, 2011

Board members present were President Larry Revier, Vice-President Jeremy Hageness, Secretary/Treasurer Buffy Woodring, Pat Matthew, and Larry Woodring. Other Association members present were Barbie & Darnell Stucker, Big Sky Bus Lines, Jerry Fleege, Harlow's Bus Service, Bob Mitchell, Beach Transportation, and Dan Matthew , Matthew Transportation. Associate member present was Maxine Mougeot.

Minutes and Treasurer's Report were silently read and approved.

Maxine offered to work with Doug Kellie regarding First Student becoming a member of our Association.

Correspondence: We received thank you's from Redwater Valley Ambulance Service and Pat Thorgaard's family for our memorial donation. We received a flyer about Maxi Brake Release, Larry Revier will contact them and invite them as a vendor to the June MAPT Conference.

Old Business:

Maxine has retired from OPI and offered to get our webpage up and running. She will include available training a link to OPI, along with other information as needed.

The State Standards were discussed, The seat belt requirements are in the new standards. There will be no lap belts and no retrofit allowed. Currently there is no "hours of service" requirement for District drivers in the State Standards however it is in the National Standards and was discussed at the last meeting. The Standards Committee members are encouraged to contact Denise at OPI and ask to make sure is included in the State Standards before she presents the updated standards to the Board of Public Education. Maxine mentioned thta other states are addressing advertising on the side of a School Bus. We may need to address that in the standards. The new standards should be on the OPI website sometime in August.

New Business:

Bob Gilbert was unable to attend our meeting, as he had a medical emergency early this morning. Bob Gilbert is working on a computer glitch and will get information out by email as soon as possible with Legislative updates to all members who have email addresses available to the Association.

Legislative bills discussed were SB 140 - A Bill for an act entitled "An Act Exempting Certain Motor Carriers from Regulation by the PSC; Defining "Charter Service", the Association is opposing this bill as it would let Non-Profit organizations operate charter service without meeting any safety regulations, or certification. This Bill has passed the Senate and been transmitted to the House. SB 177 - A bill for an act entitled "An Act expanding the types of transportation and transportation-related activities for which a district's transportation fund budget may be used: we are opposing this bill as it would or could allow school districts to use transportation money for transit passes, supervised walking programs . SB Bill 177 has been tabled in committee.

OPI update: February is LOVE THE BUS month. Hopefully, Maxine's position will be advertised sometime in March.

Other issues important to you: Hellgate Transportation had sent an email asking what type of camera's other contractors were using. There are a lot of different cameras being used by the contractors in attendance including Seon, Univision and Bus Watch. Infrared Cameras are standard with Seon, which owns about 60$ of the School Bus market.

Bullying was discussed and it was agreed there should be a Zero tolerance policy in all school districts.

We moved to pay for lunch and adjourn.

Respectfully submitted

Buffy Woodring, Secretary/Treasurer.

MSBCA Meeting Minutes - June 24, 2010

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Board members present were President Larry Revier, Vice President Jeremy Hageness, Secretary/Treasurer Buffy Woodring, Pat Matthews and MAPT Representative Larry Woodring. Association members present were Sandy Revier, Revier Transportation; Barbie Stucker and Darlene Cashman, Big Sky Bus lines; Mike Krout, Majestic Bus Serivce; Sandy Evenson and CJ Kellough, Harlow's Bus Service; Ron and Denise Hinther, Hinther Transportation; Bruce and Diane Bourne, Diane's Buses; Dan Matthew, Matthew Transportation; Bill Kimmet, Treasure State Transit; John Moser and Gordon Charles, Moser Transportation; Bob Mitchell, Beach Transportation. Associate member present was Maxine Mougeot from OPI and visitor Ava Glenn, Pryor Public Schools.


Minutes and Treasurer's Report were silently read and approved, with a correction of $45.00 deposit received after the report was printed.


At the National Standards Meeting it was decided that all Activity Bus Operations (Transportation Other Than to and from School or Head Start) drivers would have to meet the DOT Hours of Service rules, this includes school districts. Maxine's ability to bring the information back is imperative for our Association.

The Association will purchase the defensive driving training video.

The membership decided to spend between $20 and $50 on our website to upgrade and hopefully have a better web exposure.


Greg Beach would be asked again to organize the statewide readio PSA's the first week of school and again in February during "Love the Bus" month.

It was decided that the money from the video PSA's would be used toward the cost of the web page.

We will continue to fund one MAPT Award donation.

The Association requests that all contractors contact their school activities director and request tha tall Saturday games be scheduled earlier so we can safely transport our students earlier and have the buses off the road and students home before midnight.


August 9, Kalispell; August 14, Townsend; August 15, Hardin; August 16, Broadus; August 17 Sidney; September 13 Billings and October 21, Lewistown.


Bob Gilbert will be asked to be our Legislative Lobbyist. We will also ask if the fee will still be $3000 for the lobbyist. There was much discussion on funding the Lobbyist, it was moved and seconded that the board should adopt a formula considering the number of buses a contractor has if and when extra funding is requested. We will exhaust all other avenues of funding before any money for the Lobbyist is requested from our membership. Seat belts in school buses will again most likely be one of the bills brought before the legislature. We need to make sure that the wording of the bill includes a 3 point seat belt, no retrofitting and that the driver is not liable if students are not buckled in.


Jeremy Hageness, Pat Matthew and Larry Revier were retained on the board.

The annual meeting was adjourned and a short Board Meeting was held directly following the annual meeting. Larry Revier was reelected President, Jeremy was reelected Vice President and Buffy Woodring was reelected Secretary/Treasurer. The Board meeting was adjourned.

The mid-winter meeting will be held Saturday, February 5, 2011 in Helena at the Jade Garden.

Respectfully Submitted;

Buffy Woodring, SEcretary/Treasurer